Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Place

Until this year, I had always considered myself a "beach person". Surf, sand, an umbrella, a selection of books and I was good to go. You could leave me out there for hours and I was completely content.

Then, this happened...

Yeah. My thoughts, exactly.

That's Camp Bountiful. The home of my dear friend Julia's parents, Susan and David. Her parents are affectionately known as, "Moosky & Poosky". (Don't ask. It's a good thing, I promise.)


Last May I was invited to visit Camp Bountiful for the first time. That visit was such a respite for this Mama. And Jackson, well he simply could not get enough of the mountain fun. Here's what he thought of the trip,

 "I love this place!"
"I'll never leave!"
Since that first visit, we've returned three times. And this last visit was the one that began to chip away at my singular love for the beach.

Here's why...

Seriously breathtaking.

Fall in the mountains is spectacular. The change of color in every tree, the crispness in the air and the tastes and smells are simply intoxicating.

And did I mention that my child simply loves to be there?

Even if he has to be bundled up for a walk...

I blame Julia, Moosky & Poosky.

It's their fault. Without the invitation to this incredible place, I would never have cheated on my first love. And not only have I cheated once, I've cheated a total of four (4!) times. 

So, while the beach will forever be my first love, the mountains have gained a solid spot on my "happy place" list.

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  1. I know another place with mountains and colored leaves... :)
    And yes, the view of the trees is breathtaking, but nothing is as pretty as that picture of you and Jack.
    And don't even get me started on the little Mister in his gloves, all bundled up. He is a doll baby!