Tuesday, December 14, 2010

{16 Months}

There's a little boy in this house who turned 16 months old today. While that may seem like just another month gone by to some, it was a day of fun for him. Why? You ask. Well, because we had our first craft today.

Now don't freak out. No, Jack did not handle scissors today. But he did sit while I traced his hands. And let me tell you, having this little whipper snapper SIT STILL for more than a minute is celebration.

He was quite silly during the tracing. I think it tickled his fingers. While I cut out each hand, he colored happily. After I finished cutting out each handprint, he "helped" me place each hand on the wreath and glue it. {Dear Elmers (& Crayola), Thank you for being "non-toxic".} After the tying of the ribbon I asked him where he wanted to hang it. The pantry door was chosen.

When I reflect on this first project, I am filled with anticipation. Not only is this the first of many projects, but the first of many handprint wreaths. I intend to keep them and pull them out each year as we make a new one. It will be special ten years from now to compare his hands to this first wreath.

I would love to hear what Christmas projects you and your children do.

Enjoy this time of year - and remember...it's ALL about Christ.


  1. Love this craft idea. May just have to make a cute little wreath as well.

  2. I was so inspired by this post, Kristin, that I attempted to do the same with Henry. Good Lord, woman. How on Earth did you get Jack to sit still?? I got approximately two fingers traced before my wild man decided craft time was over! :) Anyway, what a wonderful idea and such a special memory! My two-fingered wreath will also be a treasure. Merry Christmas, Radtkes!