Sunday, February 27, 2011

{18.5 Months}

At 18 months, Jackson was a very sick little boy. And I was far too busy taking care of him to post anything about this milestone. But we have kissed sickness goodbye and have some fun things to share.
 ~The kid loves to eat.~
He will eat almost anything we put in front of him. I got the "all clear" from the pediatrician to introduce peanut butter. And have mercy, that kid will just eat it by the spoonfuls. Opa Radtke hooked us up with great coupons for {FREE!} Marzetti dressing. I mean, who eats carrots and cucumbers naked? And I'm just going to say it, Jackson is a cheese snob. I blame his paternal grandmother for this. She was born and raised in Wisconsin. I think she has whispered in his ear many times since birth, "Wisconsin White Cheddar...Wisconsin White Cheddar..." If you even try to give Jackson a slice of Kraft cheese he will hand it right back to you with a sincere look that says, "Try that again and I'll never speak to you again. Ever."

 ~33.5in, 27lbs~
Without fail, anytime we are in public, I am asked "How old is he? 2? 3?" So, I always chuckle and reply, "No, try 18mo." To which the response is usually a "Wha? What?? Wow! He's a big boy." {Tell me about it.} He is as tall or taller than most of his buddies and he's the youngest by at least 5 months. And he's solid as a rock. Trip and I are so grateful that he is so sweet-natured. If he were a punk, he could level the playing field...if you know what I mean.

~He loves to read. The Dinosaur series by Jane Yolen is absolutely one of his favorites.~

~He loves to play. And play hard.~
Right Knee
Left Knee
~He loves his Daddy.~
Like an alarm clock, every day at 6pm, Jackson begins to ask for "Daddy." And when he hears the key in the front door it is squeals, giggles and "Daaaaddyyyy!"

And let me tell you, I'm equally as excited. "Yay! You're here, I can go and be myself for 5 whole minutes!" :)

Have a great week everybody!


  1. Praise the Lord he can eat peanut butter! Seriously, I can't imagine a better friend for a mama. Protein and calories in one tasty package. And I'm with Jack on the cheese. He has excellent taste!

  2. You are most correct about the PB. Packing his lunch for Wednesdays, while I'm serving at BSF, just got so much easier. As for the cheese, if I'm raising the next Emeril, we're cool. :)