Thursday, April 14, 2011

{20 Months}

That sweet baby is 20 months today.

Ok. Ok. He's not a baby.

He's a little boy.
Oh, alright! He's not really little either.
 He's my BIG boy who's almost...2.

Anyway...over this last month Jackson has had a verbal EXPLOSION. It is so much fun to have "conversations" with him. Many of our recent chats have involved FIREFIGHTERS. To say that he's obsessed would be a bit of an understatement. This is our current inventory of library books regarding FIREFIGHTERS:
He has also acquired a fire truck and visited a fire station.
But hey... we could think of a lot worse things to be obsessed with, 
heroic public servants are fine with us.
We have also made sure that Jackson knows of one heroic servant in particular. With his recent verbal explosion, we have spent a great deal of time teaching Jack how to pray. For now it's simple:  "Dear Jesus, I love you. Amen." But I must tell you, Amen has a nice southern drawl to it..."Aaaaamen." {I'm sure his midwestern family reading this just burst into tears.}

With this developing love of prayer, our healthy 20 month old 
started his prayer chain today for his special friend, Miss Charlotte.
Would you join him in prayer?

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