Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January is for Birthdays!

January 24 is Trip's birthday. January 25 is mine. For the past 8 years we have shared in our celebration and I have loved every minute of it. This year was extra special as I had a sidekick in the kitchen to help make Dad's birthday fun.
My sous chef and I whipped up some awesome cupcakes full of gluteny goodness for Dad. Look, my sweet husband eats gluten free along with me 364 days of the year. For one day, HIS day, I'll make the man a regular cupcake.

But there was nothing regular about my baking experience this year. I have a little boy who loves to be in my business when it comes to all things kitchen. {Could I possibly be raising the next Emeril?!} So, we donned our aprons and got to work.
It was such a delight teaching him to break the eggs and measure out the ingredients. Once the cupcakes were baking we made icing. Yep. Good ol' buttercream icing. {I just gained a pound thinking about it.}
The suspense of the cupcakes baking was almost more than my sous chef could bare.
But alas they were finished and once cooled icing was applied. {Note to self, I really need a piping bag and tips especially when 2yo fingers and lips are involved.}
This moment in motherhood was a true accomplishment for me. I tend to be a... cough, cough... perfectionist. And I could have "fixed" the icing job my son did with pride. But I didn't! I left it all gooey and messy. And I'm sure to Trip it tasted even better.

After serving Trip one of his favorite meals, Jack and I sung "Happy Birthday" and served our cupcakes. In the midst of snapping this photo I realized that I have a tendency to catch the man in his undershirt on his birthday.
Well, undershirt or polo, for me, it is more than just Trip's birthday. It is the celebration of the man I married and the father who loves Jack. The joy that I have as I close the day in celebration of him is the thought that wakes me every January 25. That blessing is an incredible present and one that I dare not take for granted.

Happy Birthday, Trip! We love you!

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  1. Oh, Kristin... Your post made me tear up a bit. I love your family and love your approach to motherhood. Jackson is Henry's kindred spirit. Happy birthday to the Radtkes!