Monday, April 9, 2012

Eggs ~ A First Experience

On Saturday, while Jackson was napping I took a few minutes and hid eggs in our backyard. He had seen the eggs in the stores and wondered what all the fuss was about. It was a surprise for him and he was so proud of himself as he found each one.
Silly boy was pretending not to listen to us as we tried to tell him there were a few more left to find.
After our little egg hunt, we dyed a few eggs. This was also a first for Jackson. I have previously confessed that I have a tendency to be a...cough, cough...perfectionist when it comes to projects of this nature. But, I let it all go Saturday so that my sweet boy could dye his first Easter eggs.

This is his squeal of delight after he dropped the egg into the cup and it splashed...everywhere.
Jackson had so much fun, even if the word "gentle" is completely lost in his vocabulary. Trip and I noted that we have to work on that word A LOT before baby brother arrives. Luckily, only one egg bit the dust.

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  1. What sweet pictures! Thank you for sharing them! :)