Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jack's First Field Trip

Jack's preschool class went to Kinsey Farms for their first field trip today. The school required at least one parent to chaperone their child. I had some reservations about taking Henry and when I mentioned them to Trip he said, "I'll go!" 
You might read that and think "oh, that's so sweet." But it goes beyond "sweet." Many of you know Trip's line of work, and therefore you know that this time of an election year is absolute INSANITY. So, for my husband to say, "I'll go!" was more than just "sweet" it was an incredible blessing.
I am so grateful to be married to a man who loves the details of being a father. He's not just on the periphery of our family's life, he is actively involved. This blesses me as his wife and gives our sons a godly example each day.
Truth be told, I think Jack was beyond thrilled that his Daddy got to take him. The two of them took off this morning in their jeans and boots and had a ball getting muddy. Between the goats, pumpkins, tree planting and fish feeding it was paradise for a little boy and his Dad.

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  1. What a sweet day for Jack and Trip! Happy fall!