Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Henry {6 months}

I find it completely inappropriate how fast these first six months have gone. I cringe to think that the next six months will go equally as fast. The thought of placing a candle on a cake makes my heart just race.

I find myself savoring the time in this stage more so than I did with Jackson. Part of me loves the simplicity that our lives are right now and part of me knows the milestones that are lurking around the corner.

Speaking of milestones...

Mr. Henry, the only big change this month is your determination to crawl. You have a shuffle and scoot thing going on right now. But, like you brother, you seem to only know REVERSE. This frustrates you terribly and you roll your way to the intended target. Don't tell Jack, but while he was at school you rolled your way to one of his firetrucks and squealed with joy as you grasped it for the first time.

You are a traveling champ. The Thanksgiving trek to Ohio was, dare I say, enjoyable because of how well you did in the car.
You love to eat. Peas and apples are among your new favorites. And it shows! Two more pounds and a half an inch in growth. Your still hanging off the top end of the chart in height, but you made it on the chart in weight.

What I love most about you is your smile and your laugh. You are so ticklish. If I need a good Henry laugh, I know exactly where to tickle. And the laughter of little boys in this house is such a wonderful sound.
Henry, you are such a joy to us. We have treasured these first six months with you and we look forward to what the next six will bring.

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