Thursday, January 6, 2011

Better Late than Never...

I am aware that it is January 6 and I have yet to post anything from Christmas.

But between the recovery of being away from our home for 7 days, getting back into somewhat of a routine and the preparation for the Ball, I have had little no time to blog.

But I wanted to take a minute and share a funny Jackson moment and a few photos with you.

Jackson had his grandparents to himself Christmas night. So, after opening a few gifts, he decided to run out some wiggles before heading to bed. You will notice the progressive loss of clothing in each photo. He decided to assist his speed by wearing as little as possible.

What these pictures do not capture are the SQUEALS of laughter when I began to "chase" him. When he would run to the end of the hallway and realize he had nowhere else to run, he would just double over in laughter. This, in turn, caused me so much laughter. Jackson has a very funny personality, but this was one of his silliest.

Definitely a Christmas memory, I'll never forget.

1 comment:

  1. He looks so big in just the diaper! He is so cute.
    Also, I have given up trying to 'catch-up" on the blog. It's just. so. hard. You may still have a chance while there's only one little person who still naps at your house!