Monday, March 14, 2011

A Bountiful Weekend

Jackson and I took a little trip to Camp Bountiful this weekend. Remember our happy place? Oh yeah. We took our happy place up one notch. We got Moosky & Poosky all. to. ourselves.

On Saturday Moosky took us into town. First stop: the local Feed & Seed. {Whatever mountain town joke that just popped into your head does not do this "store" justice.}

We found roosters, turkeys, hens, baby chicks, iguanas, fish, snakes, rats {with & without fur}, rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, bunnies, chinchillas, ferrets, parrots and crickets. {I'm not kidding, they had a crate full of live crickets.}
Checking out the baby chicks. Notice iguana to our right.
"Is that thing going to eat me?"
The signage around the baby chick cage. Personally, I was overwhelmed by all the info and disclaimers. I think they should have gone with just one sign: "Good luck picking out a good one!"
Watching the chicks eat.
Watching all the fish. Jackson is mesmerized by fish.
Discussing his finds with me. He loved saying, "Koi!"
After the Feed & Seed, we headed over to the park. Jackson had so much fun on the playground and swings.
The Lord has truly blessed us with such sweet friendships with Moosky & Poosky. We love them dearly and cannot wait to see them again. AND SOON!

*Photos courtesy of Moosky, Inc.


  1. My word, he is just gorgeous! I'm so glad y'all got a fun weekend away to your happy place. And I have to say, I have been in many a feed & seed store (usually to pick out dibbies!) and I have NEVER seen an iguana. I guess you gotta keep expanding the inventory in this economy!

  2. Wonderful pictures! He is such a handsome fellow! We also love that store! That is where we presented the owners with a snake the kids ahd found on the railorad tracks. After they let out a " Get that thing outa here, its a copperhead" we found a new home for said snake in the parking lot behind the store.

    We love you all!