Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Backyard Makeover

This project has been a long time coming. We never knew how much we needed a yard until a certain little boy was born. And even then, we had some time to consider what we needed to do. But from the minute Jackson could walk, we realized we had a little boy who LOVES to run and play.

Before the Makeover, Jack had a 4x4 square foot of decent running room. 

I'm. Not. Kidding. 

Unfortunately for our neighbors, Jackson was not aware of our small situation because we had no fence. Most of our playtime outdoors involved me "fussing" at him to come back or running after him. Thankfully, the last part of the makeover included A FENCE. {Mamas, you all know that a fence is not merely to contain your child, but your SANITY.}

Oh alright, I can hear you all mumbling: 
"Zip it Radtke we want to see pictures!"

The Before...
A Jungle of Unkempt Trees, Rocks and a serious 
Drop Off that would have hurt my kidlet.
Trip would like to add that the grass was a disgrace. 
{As he is the son of a former Scott's employee.}

The After!
Coming in the new gate.

The view from behind. I need to add color, but I'm enjoying the simplicity right now.
The serious drop off was graded with 2 loads of dirt and mulch.
And everyone together...'Yeahoooo!"
Of course the only way to appreciate this transformation is to hear & see Mr. Jackson...


  1. The backyard makeover looks awesome!! I showed the video to the girls and Ruthie said, "He looks like he has gotten taller! Ohhh, he looks so cute!"

  2. :) Since those sweet girls have seen him he's grown a TON. This summer should be a riot.