Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mama Recommends


I have traveled with my sweet boy several times through the friendly skies and I have never had such a pleasant flight as this summer's flight to Ohio.

Jackson is a tall, active boy. The days of him sitting on my lap in the tight row of an airplane are gone. G O N E. I didn't mind the discomfort. But the people sitting in front of him did. Ahem.

The harness attaches to the seat and the lower loops connect to the seat belt. I did it in 30 seconds. The best part: the harness fits in your carry-on. No more lugging that crazy carseat through the airport. The flight attendants fussed all over us commenting that they wished more people realized that most carseats do NOT fit in the seat. They love this harness. And I love being in good graces with the people who will deliver more pretzels if "someone" needs a bribe distraction.

I cannot recommend this product enough. Check out the site and watch the "how to" video. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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  1. That looks perfect! I think the car seat is worse than nothing. Sam could always reach the seat in front of him better in the car seat than in just the regular seat. I never had a problem with just the regular plane seat belt, but I guess if your kid squirms out of the lap belt this would be a good buy.