Sunday, February 5, 2012

Big Boy Room

A week ago we made a huge transition in our home. 
We said goodbye to the nursery and HELLO to the big boy room.

With baby brother due to arrive in June, we wanted to have a few months for Jackson to adjust to the shock prepare for all the changes that are on the horizon.

For the past few months we have searched for a twin bed that was reasonable in price, solid in structure, and fit our taste. We simply could not find one. The price category was a deal killer every time. While discussing this dilemma with a dear friend, she offered her toddler bed as a transition while we look. Their daughter had just moved to a twin and it was sitting unused in their basement. It was such an answer to prayer {and a relief to this pregnant mama's back!}
So, the plans were put in place to paint the walls, put together the new dresser and acquire the toddler bed.
Trip and I didn't know what to expect from Jack. I think we had thought of every ridiculous scenario in our mind as to what he would do the first nights free from the crib. But we were shocked pleasantly surprised. He has fallen asleep in his new bed as though nothing has changed. And he has remained in his bed until we come to get him.
I think the sweetest part of his new bed is our ability to sit beside him once he's tucked in for the night. Jackson loves to be sung to before bed. Among his favorite songs are "Holy, Holy, Holy", "Tis So Sweet","Amazing Grace",  "Jesus Loves Me" and "Twinkle, Twinkle". Once his songs have been sung we pray and then say goodnight. To simply lean over and kiss his head has been such a treasure for Trip and me. {Sure beats trying to hike ourselves over the crib rail for one last smooch.}

A couple notes about the room:
The quilt is from his crib bedding. I think it's a riot that they put a quilt in crib bedding. Thank goodness we ended up using a toddler bed. Otherwise, what a waste of an absolutely adorable quilt.

The red stripe pillow sham is part of a twin duvet set from Ikea. Once we actually find his twin bed I plan to use the entire set.

The chair is from my grandmother. God bless the '70s. That comfortable chair is the most hideous yellow you can imagine. One day I hope to recover it, but for now, the throw will have to do.

The lamps & pillows are from our visits to Corolla, NC. We love that they came from a place so special to our family.

Finally, I cannot rave enough about the paint. After painting several rooms with warehouse store paint, I splurged for this project and went to Sherwin Williams. I lucked out that I had a coupon for 25% off my purchase. The color is the perfect beige and the paint quality is fantastic. It goes with everything and I absolutely love it. I wanted to paint the walls something that will be easy to work with as Jackson gets older. I plan to paint his brother's room the same color.

I still need to finish hanging his pictures. But other than that, the room is complete.

Next up...brother's nursery. Hopefully that "little" project gets done before my due date. :)

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