Saturday, July 7, 2012


We like to refer to Saturdays around these parts as...Dadderdays. And no. I did not think of that wonderful term myself. One of my dear friends, Michele, called it that one time and I thought it was GENIUS. Jack lives for Dadderday. He and Trip talk all week what they plan to do together.

As a Mama, I have always loved this time that the boys get to spend together. But since Henry arrived, I have really loved it. It gives me some time to do a few things for myself while Henry sleeps. Today, I actually did my hair. I mean, "whip out the straightener and look like a woman", did my hair. {Don't hate, that's the first time it's happened in 5 weeks.}

Anywhoo...while I was taming the tresses today, my guys went to the baseball park to play. It would seem that our 2yo can hit it hard. To prove the point, of the 8 baseballs the kid plays with in our backyard, 6 of them were beyond the fence. He likes to call them his "homers". And look, when you're barely more than 3ft tall, THEY ARE.

Trip retrieved all the missing baseballs from the woods behind our house and they headed to the actual ballpark so that the fence wouldn't hold my baby back.

Taken with iPhone
After some hitting, Jack wanted to pitch. He told Trip he had to stand on the mound and he had to wear his Daddy's glove.


Happy Saturday Dadderday everybody!

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