Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Funnies

Oh Friday...thank you for coming. One day until the weekend and another Dadderday.

Jackson has always had a funny sense of humor. At times it is just what comes out of his mouth, other times it's how he says it. Either way, it is his humor that helps me remember how much I love him when he's being a big stinker precious angel.

So, I thought I would share a few "Jacksonisms" from the last few days to give you a good laugh and help you get through the day.

Each week we go to our neighborhood library's story hour. Jackson loves story hour. He is a boy who loves to be read to and while the librarian is reading he sits and listens intently to each book. Since June 2 Henry now comes along with us to story hour and just sleeps peacefully in his stroller. Well, this week that changed. Oh the sleeping continued. But there were some, um...sound effects to accompany that sleep. About halfway through the third story, Henry blows out his diaper. Jackson looks at me and slaps his forehead in disgust and whispers {loudly}, "MOMMY! We're in the library!" 

Later that same day, while paying for our purchases at Target, Henry had another gastrointestinal outburst. To which Jackson looks at the cashier and says, "I'm sorry about that."

Finally, while I went for my postpartum appointment this week, I had Haley, our babysitter, come over. She tells me when I get back that Jack had hurt himself while they were playing outside. While she’s checking on him and making sure he’s not terribly hurt he says, “Miss Haley, I think if you kiss my cheek I’ll feel much better.” As she is recalling this to me I look over at him and realize he is turning bright red.

And so it begins....

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  1. I love your "big stinker" stories!

    And Jackson sounds like quite the ladies' man. Watch out, Atlanta.