Friday, August 3, 2012

The Mighty Meaty

Well Mr. Henry had his 2mo check up this morning.

This kid, The Mighty Meaty, weighs 12lbs and is exactly 24in long.

Now I know why we have a problem.
See this tag?

3 month clothing ENDS at 24in. 
It doesn't fall somewhere in the middle. 
Oh no...it ENDS.

I think Mama is going to have to hit the clearance racks this weekend to see if I can find a few 6mo or even 9mo pieces to make it through until the weather gets cooler. Because, hello. We live in Hotlanta. And it doesn't really cool down in these parts until, oh...late October.

What's particularly funny to me about this knowledge is that through the entire pregnancy Jack prayed for his brother every night. "Dear Jesus, please give him strong bones and a strong heart." I guess maybe he should have included, "But Lord, please don't make him bigger than me." Because at this rate, Henry will be right on target to kick his brother's hiney much sooner than any of us had expected.

Well, on that thought...everyone have a great weekend! 


  1. You know, you do live in the South where it is perfectly acceptable to dress baby in nothing but a diaper. With maybe a little tee shirt so his belly shows ... ha ha! He is a doll, even if he is outgrowing all his clothes!

  2. Henry is such a cutie. A meaty cutie. :) Have fun clearancing!

  3. Oh my word he is ADORABLE. These babies are just growing up way to fast!!!!