Tuesday, August 14, 2012


My sweet boy turned three today. 
Oh Jackson, what a wild year this has been for you. Within a few months of turning 2, you learned that you would become a big brother. This was quickly followed by a sudden change in your Daddy that would take many months to heal. I have thanked God so many times for placing you first in our family. I am confident that your disposition, strong will, and trust in Jesus allowed you to handle all that was asked of you at such a young age.

God continues to teach me so much about His love for me through you. Every fiber of strong will that your Daddy and I both have in us is in you. On the days you mentally wear me out, I cry out to Jesus, "Lord, please promise me you'll use this will for your glory one day! Or he may not make it to 3..pm."
You are honestly hilarious. I know a lot of parents think their kids are funny. But my word. You are. {You get that from me, because let's be honest, I have to have an incredible sense of humor to be married to your Daddy.} I can tell you that in these newborn days with Henry and trying to figure out this parenting gig with two kids, you have saved me from the sadness so many times with a facial expression, story or reaction to the happenings in our home.

Your memory is unreal. If we teach it to you, you know it. This has kept your parents very honest. {Thankyouverymuch}
Since you were able to talk I have worked on letters and numbers with you. As of your second birthday you were able to identify all 26 letters and numbers 1-10. This past year we spent a great deal of time working on letter sounds. If we ask you what letter a word starts with 99% of the time you answer correctly. What is so fun about this learning time with you is to see you look for words and determine the letters yourself and think of what other words start with the same letter. In just two days I am going to share the responsibility of teaching you with Miss Beth & Miss Robin, your preschool teachers. I am very excited for this chapter of your life to begin and to see how the classroom setting will challenge your mind in new ways.

~Anything related to a fire truck, car, or construction vehicle

 ~Hummus, cheese, any fruit, yogurt, pbjs,
homemade waffles, peas, carrots and broccoli

~Baseball, Football, playing in the pool or sandbox

~Sesame Street, Thomas, Word World and Clifford

And finally, you are obsessed with books and puzzles.
Happy Birthday, Jackson Lane. I love you very much.
I am excited about what this next year holds for you.

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