Sunday, September 2, 2012

Henry {3 months}

Well, the “fourth trimester” has come and gone. Which means you are now 3 months. THREE!

Last month we had a “conversation” about the swaddle. You made it very clear how you felt about that being taken away. But just a few days after that night of sadness, you flipped FULLY SWADDLED from back to front...TWICE. {And people wonder why I call you the Mighty Meaty... } So, I had to make the call and put you in the sleep sack. At first your protests broke my heart. But within a week you made peace with the change and actually started sleeping even better. {You’re welcome.}

This month you learned that you love your thumbs. Yes, I said thumbS. You’re an "equal opportunity thumb sucker". You can't seem to decide which one you love more, the right or the left. To you, they are both yummy. But truth be told, in this political season, your parents are hoping you'll go for the right.

This month also brought new ladies into your life. We finally ventured to church and put you in the care of Miss Kathryn and the rest of her Waumba sidekicks. You stole their hearts the first night. I thought I was going to have to strong arm bribe her to get you back. Each week you do so well and this blesses my heart as I have the chance to worship without the worry of the your number being flashed on the screen and doing the walk of shame to the back of the sanctuary.

you are a sweetheart to the core. I can’t get enough of your snuggles. And I am savoring them. Because I have my suspicions that you’ll more than likely end up a wild man like your brother and you’ll be too busy one day for snuggles. And with recent events in our backyard, you might even be too busy for pants, too. Ahem.
Happy 3 months, Henry. We love you!

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  1. I love these! Charlotte sucks her right thumb... she's also right-handed, which means that she uses that same hand for picking up things, coloring things, playing with things... and then it goes back in her mouth. Good times.