Monday, May 7, 2012

{36 Weeks!}

~It's hard to believe I'm four weeks {4!} from my due date. I could barely pull my shirt over my belly for this picture. Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze it on one more time for a 40 week picture. And yes, I did say 40 week picture. Because I am confident that you are all praying alongside the Radtkes that this baby will be on time or even...LATE. {And if you're not...shame on you. Shaaaame...ahem.} :)

~I mentioned in my 32 week post that I had noticed that this baby boy had put on some weight. Ha! That was nothing compared to the last four weeks. His jabs and kicks have literally taken my breath away. And he seems to think that he needs even more room. One night last week I woke in the middle of the night to serious pain in my ribs. I got up and checked things out in the bathroom mirror... Y'all I am not kidding. That boy had looped each of his feet on a lower rib. It took me several minutes to coax his "little" feet back down. {Apparently, he's part bat...mercy.}

~We are one week away from Trip's neck brace release "party". Following that we are hoping that he can move out of the nursery and start sleeping in a bed again. Once that happens I will put the finishing touches on the nursery and share those pictures.

~This picture is so precious to me...holding my two boys. The emotions of preparing for the arrival of our second son have overwhelmed me at times these last few weeks. Because I have been so distracted with the physical needs of Trip and Jackson during this pregnancy, I really hadn't taken the time to emotionally process what my heart is about to experience. As I play or read with Jackson, I have had to fight back tears knowing that these are the last days that it will be just the two of us together. To have wondered at one time whether I would ever have a child, it is surreal to acknowledge that I will soon be the mother to two children. But as God has faithfully given me everything I have ever needed, I am confident that He will help me to raise both of my boys as the precious individuals that they were created to be and to love them both passionately.

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  1. Oh, how I heart you!!! Hugs from up-North! :)