Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Nursery

Today the chair that Trip slept in during his recovery was removed from the nursery. So, before this little rascal makes an appearance, I thought I would share the nursery photos.
I loved using the bedding and furniture from Jack's nursery. Since I looked for so long to find what I wanted while I was expecting Jack, I didn't have any desire to do anything new for his brother. I have added a few new touches, but the nursery is essentially the same. I like that. I like the connection the boys' rooms have from the beginning.

Trip and I found the lighthouse prints during one of our visits to Corolla, NC.
This chair is God's gift to a nursing Mama.
There's a lovely first initial that hangs above the crib. But for sneaky purposes I have edited it out of this photo. :)

One of the personal touches I put in the room was this reminder... I want to remember this truth when I'm up at 3am feeding my son or changing a blowout. He and his brother, and the future God has for us, has been our focus these past few months. We gratefully await his arrival.

Before I sign off, I must show you one more special treat. Before Baby Radtke officially moves into his nursery, he'll spend the first weeks in our bedroom. The cradle is on loan to us from my brother and sister-in-law. My brother made this cradle for his children. It is such a treasure and I love that all of our babies will have slept in it their first nights home.

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  1. I love the nautical theme. Everything looks great! And I love that little cradle. So sweet to think about a brand new baby swaddled up in there. I can't wait to see him...