Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Funnies

For anyone who has met Jackson, you know he is an active little boy. The boy is ALWAYS on the move. We play outside every day. Unless it is pouring, we are outside. We have a great backyard for boys. We have fort, sandbox, soccer goal, etc. But what we lack is yardage. I have spent many an afternoon "racing" Jack fence to fence just so that kid can burn some energy.

Lately, with the weather being so weepy, playing outside for hours has been limited. Even if it's not raining, the ground is too soaked to play. So, I have had to get creative so that Jackson will burn off that energy and go to sleep at night.

I had thought while pregnant that I would be able to push both of my guys in a stroller, but Jackson is just too tall for any stroller. His legs were dangling off the front and in danger of getting caught in the front wheel or dragging the ground. {And to be honest, it just looks weird to push a kid whose 41.5in tall.} But what I have discovered is that Jackson would much prefer to run alongside me while I push Henry in the stroller.

We got him some sweet kicks and we run. A lot.

We have several parks nearby that have great trails for running. So, we go and that kid just runs wild and free and then sleeps HARD that night.

The funny for today is Jackson's conversation with a sweet elderly couple yesterday.

One trail that we run regularly has 1/10mi markers. Since his greatest joy is to be faster than me, I let him run ahead to each marker and then stop and wait for me. While waiting for me to catch up the elderly couple stopped to talk to him. I wasn't but a few feet from him but this is what I heard:

Couple: Well, hello young man!
Jackson: Hi!
Couple: Have you been running this entire trail?
Jackson: Yes. I love running. I'm really fast. But my Mama likes to take me here, because it wears me out.


As I approached them, I lowered my sunglasses and said: "Guilty as charged." They just couldn't stop laughing. "Keep on Mama, Keep on."

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