Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Henry {7 months}

Today Henry celebrated turning 7 months by hearing our favorite pediatrician say: "Both ears are clear!" Thank goodness. The past two weeks of ear infections and a sneaky cold have been sad for Henry. Saaad.
This past month allowed Henry to celebrate his first Christmas and learn to sit all by himself. He is quite excited about this new way of sitting. However, while sitting upright is fun, it has not stopped his efforts to learn to crawl. He has gotten up on his knees many times while playing and just rocked back and forth. I can just hear his brain, "Alright...now what?! There just has to be more!"
I love the back of his head.
I love his big eyes. I think they are going to stay brown. {Yay!}
This is how I find Henry most mornings. Do not ask me how he does it, but if the sleeper has snaps, he will find a way to get his leg{s} out of it by morning. We keep the boys rooms cool since it promotes great sleep. But apparently it's not cool enough for this little boy.
Farmer Henry! 
A special new toy for Henry. However, big brother 
thinks he should have plenty of playtime with it too!
Baby Mum Mums!! Henry is a big fan.
Seeing Dr. Silverman today and getting the good news about his ears.
And this is Henry's new way of telling me that 
the monthly photo sessions are over.
"Yes, dear."

Henry, you are such a joy to our family. We were so excited to celebrate your first Christmas in our family. What we pray each day is that they Savior whose birth we celebrated would become the central part of your life even as a little boy. You are loved, sweet boy. Happy 7 months!

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