Sunday, February 3, 2013

Henry {8 months}

Oh Henry...

Eight months! You are at such a fun age. No longer just a lump, you're reacting and responding to the world around you. Your personality is shining through more and more each day.
You continue to eat well. Finger foods are a new adventure and you are quite insistent on feeding yourself. You're not so sure about the high chair. You usually look as though you're trying to conquer it rather than use it to achieve the solution to hunger. We may move you to the booster seat much sooner than we did with your big brother.
Speaking of your brother, you LOVE to play alongside him. You look at him and his toys with such great interest. Every now and again he even takes the time to explain how a few things work. I think he likes "teaching" you and enjoys your interaction.
This winter has been a wonky one. One day it's 70 the next 30. But as much as possible we take you outdoors to see the sun and play. You like your swing and you enjoy going for walks as we wear out your brother. {Your turn is coming mister!}
Crawling is coming soon. You have all the mechanics, you're just trying to figure out how to go forward. While I'm excited for you to figure it out, I'm savoring the days that I'm only chasing after your brother. I know that very soon I'll be chasing you BOTH.

~ Happy 8 Months, Henry. We love you! ~

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  1. he's so adorable!! Love all the pics (especially the one in the high chair with his legs spread out--too cute!!)