Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Is it August...or May?

Hello everybody! I'd love to play in my awesome backyard, but it's 92 degrees.

The heat isn't really the issue...its the HUMIDITY.

So, after Mom's morning run, we hung out inside today.

Cars were played with...

...and of course FIRETRUCKS were on the scene.

To be honest, FIRETRUCKS are always on the scene.

I really hope this heat "breaks" soon. Playing indoors is the pits.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Backyard Makeover

This project has been a long time coming. We never knew how much we needed a yard until a certain little boy was born. And even then, we had some time to consider what we needed to do. But from the minute Jackson could walk, we realized we had a little boy who LOVES to run and play.

Before the Makeover, Jack had a 4x4 square foot of decent running room. 

I'm. Not. Kidding. 

Unfortunately for our neighbors, Jackson was not aware of our small situation because we had no fence. Most of our playtime outdoors involved me "fussing" at him to come back or running after him. Thankfully, the last part of the makeover included A FENCE. {Mamas, you all know that a fence is not merely to contain your child, but your SANITY.}

Oh alright, I can hear you all mumbling: 
"Zip it Radtke we want to see pictures!"

The Before...
A Jungle of Unkempt Trees, Rocks and a serious 
Drop Off that would have hurt my kidlet.
Trip would like to add that the grass was a disgrace. 
{As he is the son of a former Scott's employee.}

The After!
Coming in the new gate.

The view from behind. I need to add color, but I'm enjoying the simplicity right now.
The serious drop off was graded with 2 loads of dirt and mulch.
And everyone together...'Yeahoooo!"
Of course the only way to appreciate this transformation is to hear & see Mr. Jackson...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekends of Fun

Last weekend, Jackson and I made a trip to the beach with my sister and her sweet family. Jackson thinks his cousin Scott hung the moon, so any time those two can be together is golden in his book. {Of course, Uncle Peter and Aunt Kylene are pretty awesome too.}

The weather could not have been more perfect for Jackson's first visit to the beach. I love the beach and deep down, I was really hoping that Jackson would too. I don't know what I would do with a kid who hated the water or sand. Luckily... HE LOVED IT.
Lotioned up and ready to go!

Do you like my hat?
Aunt Kyeeeen!
Happy Mother's Day to me!
The boys wore each other out!
Saying goodbye and giving hugs.
Then this weekend my crazy sister and I ran the Warrior Dash. Last year, my dear friend Stacy came to small group talking about this incredible race she had done that incorporated an obstacle course...and mud. I went home that night and checked it out. Then I conned asked my sister to do it with me. To say it was awesome would not do that race justice. It was CRAaAaZY Awesome.
Before the Mud
After the Mud
Stacy aka "Warrior Princess", the one who got me to do it. Truth be told, she had me at "Mud."
The things that came out of my shoes and socks were disgusting.
Every post race meal should include a TURKEY LEG...

...and a WARRIOR Hat.

Kylene and I decided that it must become a yearly tradition 
and as soon as our boys are old enough, they'll be doing it too!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Six Years!

Trip and I escaped to Asheville for an anniversary celebration. 

We stayed at the Applewood Manor, a fantastic Bed & Breakfast minutes from downtown. The innkeepers were a delightful couple who we found to not only be great hosts, but incredibly interesting people. Miss Nancy accomodated my gluten free diet without any fuss.

We loved having to time to sit and read and relax....and swiiiiiing.

We ate some of the best food. Asheville is a gluten free girls dream come true. There are several farm-to-table restaurants that were reasonable in price and DElicious.

Did I mention there was swing?!
After two days we were ready to get back to a little boy. He, however, barely noticed we were gone. He had his sweet Aunt Kylene all to himself and they had some serious fun.