Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Jackson Lane is FOUR!!

As we celebrate this sweet boy today I am overwhelmed that God has entrusted Trip and me with a child like Jackson. This past year has taught us so much about him. We have caught a glimpse of so many things that have yet to come and we are humbled and thrilled to be the ones to guide him.

Jackson Lane, oh how we love you. 
Happy Birthday to you! 
We are eager to see what this next year holds for you!
Christmas 2012
Spring 2013
April 2013 ~ A Preschool First!
July 2013 ~ Muddin' in Ohio
July 2013 ~ Jamestown Settlement
Summer 2013
~ The summer of RAIN ~
....and lots and LOTS of baseball.

~Anything related to a fire truck, car, 
plane or construction vehicle

 ~Hummus, cheese, any fruit, yogurt, pancakes,
 peas, cucumber and broccoli, fish sticks, Fro Yo!

~Baseball, playing in the pool or sandbox, 
climbing his fort and sliding down his fireman's pole

~Bob the Builder, Thomas, Fireman Sam, Clifford, and
any documentary about firetrucks or trains

Jackson set a goal at the library this summer to read 100 books.
He met that goal...and then some.
We are truly grateful he is a child who loves to read.

~ 4 ~
Happy Birthday, Jackson!