Monday, March 4, 2013

Henry {9 months}

Saturday marked Henry turning 9 months. While that day celebrated another month with our sweet boy, it also celebrated a dear friend's heavenly homecoming. Henry and I were able to attend the memorial service. It was truly surreal to sit in a packed church sanctuary among so many friends and family while holding your nine month old baby. I was so glad that I made the trip and had the chance to celebrate an awesome woman of God with Henry. {And he brought lots of smiles to the faces around him - I mean, hello...it's not hard when you're a flirt adorable.}

Dear Henry,

Eight days after you turned EIGHT months you crawled. And not a leisurely, I'll see how this crawling things works out. OH NO. You crawled like you were on a mission. A mission to keep up with that big brother of yours. {Good luck with that, by the way.} 
This month, after weeks of teething pain, a front tooth finally emerged. I have to admit though, for all the drama I was really hoping that you would have cut both your bottom front teeth. But no...just o n e. That's okay. Those chompers mean even more yummy food adventures in your future. So, we'll take it...gulp...one. tooth. at. a. time.
A sweet moment for our family this month was dedicating you and your brother. It was a special day for us to publicly give you and Jackson back to the Lord. Your Daddy and I are so very grateful that we have been entrusted with each of you. Your presence in our lives helps us depend upon Jesus at an entirely new level. A intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father is what we pray for you every day.
Speaking of relationships, the relationship with your big brother continues to grow. You honestly think every single thing he does is either fascinating or a hoot. It makes me laugh just to watch you watch him. One of the things that we prayed in the dedication for you both is that you would take care of each other and always, always, think the best of each of other, first. I will pray passionately for your friendship beyond brotherhood. I think God gave you an incredible friend in your brother.

Finally, Henry, at 9months you are 28.5in long and 18lb 11oz. I am so grateful for onesie extenders because, without them, you would literally have nothing left to wear for the winter. All of your one piece clothing is "capri-like" and your sleeves have a 3/4 length thing going on. But with spring literally around the corner, you'll have a fancy "new to you" wardrobe as soon as this winter is gone.

I love you, Henry!