Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Henry {5 Months}

I am a little behind on Henry's five month post. It's for good reasons though. We had a very special AWNT come visit us for a few days and we were distracted by the fun. But alas, Henry is 5 months, 5 days today so before the month sneaks away, I wanted to post a few pictures and remember a few details.
Henry, at five months you are 27in long and 14lbs 6oz. 
{We grow 'em long and lean around these parts.}
You are in Size 2 diapers.
You wear 6-12mo clothes if they are separates 
& 9mo if they are one piece.
The biggest change this month was the introduction to food. I am using Super Baby Food again and unlike your brother you had an aversion to avocado. And not just a "meh, I don't really care for this" kind of reaction, a THROW EVERYTHING UP kind of reaction. Message received little man. No more avocado...{at least for a little while}. After that initial sadness, you have eaten everything else with great excitement. Sweet potatoes and bananas are real winners in your book.
After you finish nursing we always take a few minutes to read together. You have developed a love for books. And the best part is that you have started to "help" me turn the pages. Brown Bear, Brown Bear keeps your attention from the first to last page. And you think the way I read Moo, Baa, La, La, La is a riot. {You. Are. Welcome.} The joy you get from books is so special to me. Your big brother was the same way and he reads at least 5 books every day now. So, I am looking forward to rereading all of the special books with you!
Henry. Oh Henry.
You are such a lovebug.
I am so grateful for your sweet spirit. 
I am looking forward to what this next month has in store for you.