Sunday, July 31, 2011


I have had a few complaints from "the management" that there hasn't been a post on this blog in a month. With it being summer, I thought I'd get a reprieve from the masses, but alas you still care about us Jackson.

The author of this blog never realized how much she wanted to slow down summer until a little person was born. {And I'm a teacher! You'd think I would have perfected the art of "slowing down the summer".] But the summer presents a tricky problem for this Mama. You see, at the end of every summer, for the rest of my life, a little boy will celebrate a birthday.
And while he may not yet understand the concept of birthday, I do.

So, I've been savoring. 

Because this face...

...is now this face.

I have had moments of denial that in two short weeks I will have a two-year old boy. People always tell you that it goes "so fast" and I was secretly hoping they were all a bunch of liars. But they weren't. And truth be told it's been the fastest two years of my life. And when I think about how  s l o w the years were waiting for him, I'm not particularly happy about this rapidity.

But rather than get all moody about it, I have been savoring. {Did I mention that already?} I like savoring. Because savoring means I'm playing, reading, singing, cooking, swimming, teaching, digging, building and cuddling with a very precocious little boy.

I will resume the regular posts. {I owe the Mamas out there a few reviews of some products and books  ~ oh and a recipe! ~ I discovered these past few weeks.}

In the interim, here's a few photos to make you happy tide you over. 
What do you mean we don't have eggs? How can I cook when there are no eggs?!
Huh. When I arrived in Ohio, I was placed in a pack & play. Now I find myself in a crib. Mama really is a mastermind and Uncle Nels is her sidekick.
I'm not going to lie to you, it doesn't look good. But they don't call me Dr. Awesome for nothin'.